• Each level of dance will have its own skill requirements. A student can progress to the next level by demonstrating mastery of proper technique. The prerequisite for advancement is mastery of the previous level to ensure excellence in technique, skill, and strength.

    Creative Dance/Ballet
    For children 3-4 years old, our preschool dance program consists of an introduction to Ballet and creative dance while developing coordination skills in a fun upbeat environment. 45 minute class once per week.

    Kinder Combo
    For children 4-5 years old, the kinder combo class is an introduction to the basic skills of Tap and Ballet in addition to a bit of Jazz. 1 hour class per week.

    Ballet is the fundamental dance form. It develops grace, coordination, and correct posture. There are several different ballet syllabi. We offer the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.) Syllabus as well as the Cecchetti Syllabus. Both syllabi are internationally recognized and set a standard for developing technical and artistic proficiency.

    This form of dance is becoming increasingly popular as students learn how much fun it is to make rhythms with their feet. We teach the ADAPT Syllabus along with the Al Gilbert Syllabus.

    Jazz is a popular dance form, as the Top 40 music is often used in class. A combination of different styles and funk moves, as well as technique is covered in class. Ballet class enhances jazz technique.

    This dance form is a combination of jazz and ballet techniques. As well as teaching technique, lyrical develops a student's emotional interpretation of dance. Dancers must take both jazz and ballet to participate in a Lyrical class.

    Adult Tap
    This amazing program allows adults to live their dream of dancing on stage! For the past eleven years, adults have enjoyed this class as they develop tap dancing skills. Adults learn a routine and participate in the year-end show and even compete. A must take class for all adults who want to live their dream of dancing!

    Hip Hop
    The latest in dance, it is seen on many dance videos. Learn the latest moves like your favorite artists and their dancers. Minimum age requirement 4 yrs old.

    Musical Theatre
    This will be offered as a large Group, and will be performed throughout the year in competition and recital. It will offer acting and dance to create an entertaining routine just like on Broadway. Age requirement 8, must have 2 yrs jazz and take ballet.

    This class is offered to the jazz dancer who is ready to take their dancing further. The combination of body flexibility, tumbling and strength is imperative to a successful dancer. A must-take class for all dancers who want to maximize their dancing ability.

    Jumps and Turns
    Teaches and perfects the elements to perform different leaps and jumps such as axles, split leaps, side Russians and more. In turns students will focus on proper body alignment and control learning how to make a single turn into a series of turns.